Shipping to the EU

  • We will handle your order just as we handle all our orders, we will fill in the required customs forms and ship it through Royal Mail. You will not have to do anything extra.
  • You will receive tracking information via e-mail that will allow you to track the order to your door. When your order arrives in the destination country you will have to pay your country specific VAT & any import duty or handling charge. The courier will contact you via text or e-mail with the instructions of how to do this.
  • The process is very quick and your order will be delivered to you as soon as your country specific VAT is paid.


VAT and Import Duties

Applicable shipping is displayed during checkout. Please note there is no option to pay duties up front. The courier delivering your order, or customs from your country, will txt or e-mail you with instructions of how to make the payments. Its really quick and simple.

Most EU countries are between 20% and 23%.

Import duties are slightly more complicated and, based on the EU / UK trade deal, are based on the country of origin of the goods you purchase. For goods made outside the EU / UK you may pay an additional 2.7% import duty. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience.